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FBI Background check processing times are revamped [August 6, 19]

Indian Consulates will no longer stamp apostille documents [August 2, 19]

Oman joins "Apostille Convention" [July 30, 19]

Texas Marriage Verification Certificates are to be issued without the seal [July 26, 19]

Changes to foreign language documents apositlle [July 24, 19]

Bolivia abolishes the requirement for Embassy legalization in favor of Apostille [July 22, 19]

Unified tri-lingual version Apostille and Authentication [July 18, 19]

Philippines join the “Apostille Convention” [July 15, 19]

DFA replaces 'red ribbons' to authenticate documents [July 11, 19]

Three Greek men charged with swindling $6.64 million with fake invoices [June 17, 13]

Swiss-based insurance provider to open representative office in Myanmar [May 30, 13]

Tennessee man arrested for allegedly faking marriage certificate to visit jailed woman [May 28, 13]

Vital information from 2,000 California birth certificates 'compromised' state health office [May 10, 13]

New Jersey man charged with stealing $122,000 from elderly woman by abusing power of attorney [May 7, 13]

Former California mortician defrauded life insurance companies with fake death certificate, phony fu [April 29, 13]

Satellite TV provider sues Maine pub owner for broadcasting without commercial license [April 26, 13]

Missouri Senate strips DMV of funds necessary to issue driver licenses [April 24, 13]

Alabama bill to stiffen penalties for power of attorney abuse [April 23, 13]

Defense contractors plead guilty to invoice fraud [April 22, 13]

Taiwan to open representative offices in China [April 17, 13]

New Kenyan president promises to streamline business licensing process [April 16, 13]

Man with power of attorney over partner refused visitation rights, arrested at Missouri hospital [April 12, 13]

New Mexico Governor signs bill allowing online professional license application and renewal [March 26, 13]

Inmate indicted for stabbing banker who faked his own death certificate [March 25, 13]

Civil rights groups to ask federal judge to prevent AZ from denying driver’s licenses to illegal i [March 22, 13]

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October 8, 20
US Department of State Apostille processing update
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October 2, 20
NYC Apostille Marriage Certificates
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September 24, 20
North East Apostille Update
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September 17, 20
Apostille State of Affairs (Sept. 2020)
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