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A branch of a US company in foreign countries does not constitute aseparate company, but is merely detached subdivisions of their head company. The main difference between a branch and RO lie in the maximum extent of their authority. A branch, in addition to representing head company interests, may carry out all or a part of company activities, including those subject to licensing (following obtaining the requisite license), and may generate a profit. In some countries, if a branch fails to meet its obligations under its transactions, the head company would be liable.
Practices of registration of a branch in foreign countries still differ significantly from government to government. Each country blends its own recipe of traditional practices and international treaties, national laws and local regulations.
By using our services you have already taken the first step towards efficient and absolutely painless preparation of your documents for any foreign country.
If you need our help, please, contact us and our experts will make sure that you and your business can operate from "day one" in any foreign country.


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