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Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate Application Form

If anyone has ever gotten married part of the process is obtaining a license. Afterwards, a final marriage certificate comes in the mail. Did you ever consider that Marriage Certificates were really records? A marriage record contains vital information regarding the two parties that unite in matrimony.

What about foreign countries and the Marriage Certificate? Well, certified copies are the only form of marriage certificate that can be legalized for use in foreign territories. What’s more the certified copy usually has to be a recently issued document. Therefore, if you have plans for any activity overseas in these areas then only certified copies will get you through.

In the United States of America, certified copies of a Marriage Certificate are issued at the county or state level. Bear in mind that the importance of having this document Apostilled is that this method provides proof and confirms the signature of the official as accurate.

What a Marriage License contains

A marriage record has information about the couple to be married. You will find on the record for example basic information including the names of the individuals, the date of the ceremony and the location. Some licenses include the country of origin of the parties and even the parents of the couple. There will also be a section for witnesses.

The Marriage License in New York State

Applying for a >Marriage License should actually be a joyous occasion. It is the beginning of a special union between two individuals that wish to be together. There are some specificities involved; yet, some find relief in the fact that a blood test is not required.

A Marriage License is in effect for only 60 days, 180 days for the military before one must engage in marriage. A license that is acquired in New York is only valid in New York State. As an example, in one of the 5 boroughs of the city of New York, for instance, a couple can obtain a license at the city clerk’s office.

Mandatory compliance for a license

  • Both parties must appear together and complete the form in person and on site.
  • A Marriage License is prepared at the very same time of the application.
  • To be married couples must wait 24 hours before marrying; otherwise, a special Judicial Waiver is required.

Previously married individuals will need to list those marriages on the application with all applicable facts, e.g. full name of the former spouse, divorce particulars and the location of where the divorce document was issued and date of divorce.

Any type of divorce or dissolution or annulment is required to be finalized. Afterwards a new license to be married can and will be issued.

Only once you are married you may obtain the Certified Copy of your Marriage Certificate.

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Sometimes it is advisable to use a professional retrieval service provider.



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