Since 1988, A&M Logos International, Inc. has been assisting U.S. and foreign companies as well as individuals, with the preparation of documents intended for use abroad.
Through years we have come to understand that the international document preparation process can actually be simple and pain-free! Knowing exactly what must be done in each particular case, we have developed a unique online document service that will assist you in ordering documents for use abroad.

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Welcome to Apostille.US! Your Foreign Documents Express.

In addition to making sure that your documents are accepted abroad by obtaining an Apostille or Consular Legalization, we can also play an important role in helping you create, retrieve and translate your documents. Our company has extensive experience in the preparation of various types of personal and corporate documents.
In order to help you determine which of our services you will require, the sidebars of our website are broken down into documents meant for Personal and Corporate use, thus allowing for more convenient navigation. Each link provides a thorough description of the purpose of the document as well as step-by-step instructions detailing what information we will require from you in order to fulfill your request.
Whether you require a translation, legalization, an evaluation or any other type of service, you can always contact us by e-mail:, fax (212) 233-7167 or telephone (212) 233-7061. Experts are standing by to quickly answer your queries and help you decide what you require in order to achieve your goals. - addresses the needs of people who choose to save hundreds of dollars on legal and expert fees when preparing their documents for use abroad. If you ever used legal or specialized services for drawing a document for a foreign country, for getting an APOSTILLE or CONSULAR LEGALIZATIION, you'll probably know at least two things: number one, they are outrageously expensive, and number two, after you have spent a lot of money you still do not know any better how to do it the next time.

Take advantage of our complete range of services. Save time and money!

Apostille Apostille
Foreign Certificate Foreign Certificate
Consular Legalization Consular Legalization
Shipping Document preparation (drafting)
  Flexible shipping options
  International shipping options
  Free review and consultation
  Legalization/Certification of the translation by the target consulate (where available)
  Declaration of value in foreign consulate (where available)
  Evaluation of foreign academic credentials
  On staff notary for walk-in clients
  Flexible fee structure for those who like to complete part of the process themselves
  Messenger service in Manhattan area
  Document binding services (complimentary with all translation purchases)
  U.S Passports
  Foreign Visas


Let us take care of all your international document needs.

Apostille.US is your one-stop solution!


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