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Andorra is considered officially the Principality of Andorra. Sometimes one might hear Andorra called the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra. Andorra is curiously located in a special region of the world. What culture it possesses being surrounded by France and Spain and lying in the eastern Pyrenees mountains. A non-coastal country in southwestern Europe, Andorra has sections in its country that are called Parishes.

Andorra is just a small piece of land that one might even miss on a map. What’s more, it is one of the tiniest countries in Europe weighing in at just over 180 square miles or 460 square kilometers in area. Catalan is its official language yet situated between Spain and France other languages like Spanish and French are spoken and even Portuguese.

Andorra does very well due to its tourism and also boasts of a high life expectancy.

The capital city in Andorra is Andorra la Vella. This city is the highest capital city in all of Europe spanning just under 3,500 feet above sea level or over 1000 meters high.

Proper documentation in Andorra

Are you or someone you know thinking of working in Andorra? Were they thinking of getting married there? If so, it is important to bring key documentation to facilitate your experience while in this great land.

If you are planning on conducting business or other issues in Andorra itself, be advised that Andorra is a signatory country to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, abolishing the requirement of consular legalization for foreign public documents. Being that the United States of America also subscribes to The Hague Convention documents that are required in Andorra documentation should be an easier process then non-signatory nations. That is why often you will find that United States residents and ones conducting business abroad need a lot of documentation to be legalized. In the case of Andorra an Apostille will work and is required.

An Apostille is a very important document in regards to dealing with foreign areas; the Apostille only has to do with public documents. Specific areas that an Apostille would be used for would be public instruments like marriage, death certificates as well as birth certificates. Likewise court documents, patents and diplomas are samples.

Chiefly an Apostille really focuses on establishing that signatures on certain documents as authentic: the person that signed them is the individual that signed them. The Apostille authenticates the public official’s signatures and thus these documents may be employed outside the United States of America.

Please understand that articles that originate in one country and who’s purpose is for a foreign one must be “Legalized” or “Authenticated” to pass as legitimate at your foreign destination. There are specifics to follow but that will depend on what you goals are in your country of choice; but, rest assured Andorra will have very similar processes like all the other nations in the world.

We provide authentication ( legalization) services to corporations, law firms, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals on all documents that will be used in Andorra*.
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