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Like all records, death records have changed a lot in recent times. In the United States in general, record keeping has improved over the years. Foreign countries like England or even Scotland just to name a few only began accurate record keeping in the 1800’s.

Inevitably we need to work with records and documentation and this is no different for a Death Certificate. What’s more, there can be specific ways to obtain a death certificate from city to city and from state to state. Keep in mind that a Death Certificate, for example in New York City, is based on where the person passed away not where they resided or where the burial of the person was.

The record that is referred to as a Death Certificate is issued by Vital Records. The registrar will acknowledge and literally register that a person has died on a specific date and include the location of the death. Also the cause of death is recorded. Afterwards, all of this information will be recorded in an official register of deaths.

Not necessarily all of us know how to work with the paperwork process. Rather, not everyone knows how to get proper documentation or even a Death Certificate; this is especially true when dealing with out of country issues.

When working with another country it will be vital to acquire an Apostille or Authentication confirming that the Vital Records official’s signature is a true signature..

More basic information on the Death Certificate

Some of the basic uses of a death certificate as it concerns use abroad are for a Visa, Marriage and Inheritance issues. Other uses will be for physical objects like the transportation of a casket or funeral urn to the foreign country.

One of the important issues when involved in death matters or concerns is getting a recently issued, certified copy. A certified copy can be applied to international needs. Keep in mind that these certified copies of the Death Certificate are considered official copies. They are issued by the Vital Records Department at the county level of government or the state level.

Something important is that an Apostille just confirms that the signature of the Vital Records official is a true signature. Lastly, another consideration is that sometimes in dealing with certain countries one might require translation of the document for use abroad.



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