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February 5, 09


About the Program: The Department of Justice (DOJ) has been engaged in Operation Iraqi Freedom since May 2003. In February 2007, DOJ was requested to take the lead of the rule of law effort in Iraq. In response, a senior DOJ official was selected to serve as the Rule of Law Coordinator (ROLC) to provide leadership and executive oversight of US Government initiatives in support of Iraq’s effort to implement the rule of law. Fourteen organizations and approximately 300 persons have been placed under the ROLC’s coordinative authority.

The Rule of Law Program consists of several components with varying missions, including:

Office of the Rule of Law Coordinator (ROLC) - supports the ROLC in its mission to provide leadership and oversight of various initiatives.

Office of the Justice Attaché – supports the Attaché as the senior DOJ representative, who serves as a liaison to the Iraqi Chief Justice; and provides recommendations to top-level officials on justice sector goals.

Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development Assistance and Training (OPDAT) Resident Legal Advisors (RLAs) – supports the ROLC by serving in the Embassy and on Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) to train, mentor and advise Iraqi justice sector (judges, prosecutors, and investigators).

Responsibilities and Opportunity Offered: OPDAT seeks experienced Departmental Trial Attorneys or Assistant United States Attorneys to serve as Resident Legal Advisors (RLAs) to the Iraqi courts. These temporary duty assignments are for a term of 14 months with the possibility of an extension, contingent upon available funding. These are reimbursable details.

The Resident Legal Advisor will represent the Department of Justice and OPDAT during the implementation phases of a justice sector assistance program. The program has been designed to foster United States Government interests through the establishment of the rule of law in Iraq. While in Iraq, the Resident Legal Advisor will work closely with the indigenous justice sector officials in one of Iraq’s 18 provincial government centers. Duties include providing technical assistance and advice to the Iraqi courts hearing serious criminal cases and creating and providing skills development assistance on a broad range of criminal law and procedure to Iraqi judges, prosecutors, and judicial investigators.

Duration: These positions are available as a 14-month detail temporary duty travel assignment.

Of the 14 months, 365 days must be served in Iraq – the remaining 2 month period is for pre-deployment training and R & R travel and leave, one of the detail benefits.

Location: RLAs will be assigned to one of the Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) located throughout Iraq and within secured boundaries.

Travel: Extensive travel to/from Iraq and within Iraq will be required.

Salary: Individuals retain their current rate of pay while on detail, including U.S.-based locality. In addition, an employee is eligible for Danger Pay at the rate of 35% and Foreign Post Differential at the rate of 35%, while on duty in Iraq.


Required qualifications: Applicants must possess a J.D. degree, be duly licensed and authorized to practice as an attorney under the laws of a State, territory, or the District of Columbia. In addition, the applicant must have at least four or five years of post J.D. experience to be qualified at the GS-14 or 15 level.

Preferred qualifications: Applicants must have excellent interpersonal, administrative, and mentoring skills, be mature and self-sufficient, communicate effectively orally and in writing, and possess extensive prosecutorial experience.

Experience and/or training with legal systems in the Middle East or experience with other civil law systems is desired.

Written and spoken language proficiency in Arabic is also desired, but not required.

For additional information, please contact:

Andrew Norman
Iraq Program Manager
OPDAT, Criminal Division
(202) 616-2539



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