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Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Good Standing Application Form

Let’s look at the Certificate of Goodstanding/ Existence.

For starters this document is a vital corporate document. Its’ term runs for a few months and is valid during 3-6 months from date of issue. Certificate of Goodstanding proves that the entity exists and maintains status with the state where it is registered and proves that the organization has a current legal status with the state in which it was incorporated, formed or organized.

A major example would be where a business shows that it is paying the taxes and files annual reports. Furthermore, the Certificate of Goodstanding/Existence is the only state issued document which proves that the entity was not dissolved. One interesting fact is that one can request a Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation for the business in question even though the company might have been dissolved for years. Also, just because a company might have acquired the certificate and is in good standing really only means that the organization is up to date and has kept all paperwork that concerns its’ charter. Any needed renewals or fees also will need to be current and paid. At the same time being in good standing does not relate necessarily to other issues. It is entirely possible for an entity to be concurrently in bankruptcy. Also the business can be under investigation for labor law violations or in the process of an audit (due to unprocessed taxes for the payroll).

The formation documents are always kept in the state archives. The only fact is that it proves that the entity was duly formed. However, there is no insight into current status. Goodstanding Certificate always validates the existence of the corporation or business and thus gives reason for the very short validity of the document.

Kinds of businesses

This certificate which can also may be known as Certificate of Fact, Certificate of Existence, Certificate of Good standing or Good standing Certificate can be used by several different kinds of business. Let’s suggest some different ones or at least show which kinds use the Certificate of Goodstanding/Existence. Businesses that can acquire this record usually are a limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, of course the common corporation and a limited liability company. These are just some types of business that can use the Certificate of Goodstanding/Existence.

In more detail

Bear in mind that the main focus of this instrument is to prove that the corporation is in good standing and exists. But to acquire this paperwork there are basic steps that are needed.

First a business needs to be, for example in the United States of America, an entity which is recognized by being chartered by a governmental organization. This is achieved by registering with that very same agency that provided the charter and then the business must be up to date with filing of appropriate paperwork and taxes and having paid necessary monies that are required for its charter with the sponsoring governmental body. At this point the business is declared to be in good standing and can obtain the Certificate of Goodstanding/Existence.

In many foreign countries, a different system of state corporate records is implemented, thus the Certificate of Goodstanding is very much a unique document to the United States.

We provide complete range of services related to the preparation and legalization of Certificate of Goodstanding/Existence.

  • Retrieve the English original
  • Legalize the Certificate of Goodstanding/Existence for the target country: Apostille (for Hague Countries) or Consular authentication (for non-Hague)
  • Translate the Certificate of Goodstanding/Existencet into the target language
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