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Located in the center of the Leeward Islands, part of the Lesser Antilles lays Antigua and Barbuda. They stand for “ancient” and “bearded” as coined from the Spanish. Antigua and Barbuda are two islands in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea known for its beaches and golden resorts.

Antigua and Barbuda were established by an Amerindian influence particularly by the Arawak whom introduced agricultural crops and grew cotton, sweet potatoes, guava, chiles, tobacco and even corn.

These peoples made sea worthy ships that sailed around the Caribbean and the Atlantic oceans. And Christopher Columbus during a sailing voyage in 1493 was credited with naming Antigua based on the name Santa Maria la Antigua after a Cathedral in Seville. Eventually the English made home in Antigua around the date of 1632 and a Sir Christopher Codrington established residence in Barbuda circa 1684. These islands were established as an independent state within the Commonwealth Realm system in 1981. Vere Cornwall Bird became the first Prime Minister.

Antigua and Barbuda are divided into six parishes and also two dependencies. Some examples are Saint George, Saint John, Saint Mary as Parishes and Barbuda and Redonda as Dependencies.

Even to this day Antigua and Barbuda bring in many tourists and attract thousands of yachtsmen, tourists, business people, newlyweds, families, island hoppers as well as travelers that can enjoy the facilities being that they are widely available.

Important safeguards are always needed when traveling and if you are not sure about proper documentation required please contact a professional. Likewise, be advised that before you go to Antigua and Barbuda for any purpose it is recommended to sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment program. Enrolling is important as it allows the State Department to assist U.S. citizens in an emergency.

The simplest way to get your documents legalized for use in Antigua and Barbuda you will have to get only an Apostille stamp. Translation is not required as English language is the official language in Antigua and Barbuda; however, it doesn’t apply for those documents that were performed in a foreign language. To enter Antigua and Barbuda you will need to have a valid passport or passport card. Moreover, Immigration officials are strict about getting exact information about where visitors are staying and will often request to see a return ticket or ticket for onward travel, as well as proof of sufficient funds to cover the cost of the visitor's intended stay.

Important steps in working with Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda have their own rules regarding dual citizenship or child adoption. Therefore, to get more information and prices for the certification of your documents with the Apostille for presentation in Antigua and Barbuda one can be interviewed after submission of the online request. For various numbers of papers, we can send an individual offer.

We provide authentication ( legalization) services to corporations, law firms, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals on all documents that will be used in Antigua and Barbuda*.
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